Heaven is for Real

In a few days the movie “Heaven is for Real” will be released in theaters across the nation and viewers will be invited to share in the true story of a young boy who experiences heaven during an emergency surgery. The Movie is based on the best-selling book written by Todd Burpo, pastor at Crosswinds Wesleyan Church. The book, and now feature film, provokes readers to ponder the afterlife, and asks a question by answering it in the title. Is heaven for real? This same question is asked on the opening page of an article I illustrated this past month for Wesleyan Life. The opening of this film has provoked a positive conversation about eternity and it has provided a great opportunity to share my small contribution to the topic of heaven. You can read the full article at Wesleyan Life

Special thanks to Kory Pence art director at Wesleyan Life



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